7 MUST-HAVES to Carry in Your Purse

Hello Loves! Purses are sometimes such a hassle. And sometimes my purse ends up on my boyfriend’s arm hidden under my jacket he is also carrying! haha 😉 But every girl knows that the little stylish treasure chest we swing over our shoulders can be a lifesaver! 🙂

I’ve compiled a list of 7 things you absolutely MUST have in your purse at all times! 🙂

#1: Chapstick/lip gloss. If I forget this little guy, I end up licking or biting my lips all day!

#2: Wallet. Besides the DL, cash, and credit cards, your wallet carries that $10 off at Victoria’s Secret and that punch card for Roxberry’s. You don’t want to be out-and-about and think “DANGIT!! Why didn’t I bring that?!”

#3: Phone. I am naked without this little block of magic, and I’m sure you are too. It’s funny–if ever I forget my phone, I immediately worry that my car is going to break down, I’m going to get lost or get kidnapped haha!

#4: Sunnies. I sure do love the sun, but there’s that certain time of day when the sun is just above the dash and just below the visor in your car, and without sunglasses, you’re one blinding car away from a crash. Plus, they cute up your look (especially when you checked out that new mascara at the store that clumps like mud!).

#5: Lotion. I’m a hand washer. I wash them so often it’s not even funny. Lotion is a must!

#6: Gum/mints. Do I even need to explain??? 😉

#7: Phone charger. Just do it. Carry one wherever you go. Your stress levels will go down, I promise! haha 🙂

Let me know if a MUST-HAVE you carry in your purse did not make the list! 🙂

XOXO Chani Natasha

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