The Most Saturdayish Monday

You know those horribly ridiculous people who love mornings, and Mondays, and taking vitamins, and ROY-G-BIVing their bikini drawers? You know how you just want to punch those crazies in the face and say “WHY?!” Well…get your fist ready…confession time…I’m Queen Bee of those crazies! 😉 Haha 🙂

Things have been nothing but blue skies and cotton candy clouds over here on this Saturdayish Monday! My cousin had a baby boy! (Mamma’s a redhead & Daddy’s got that rockin’ deep ebony skin, so basically Baby Boy is going to be an NFL playing supermodel!) He’s sooooo cute!! 🙂 Rustin got us tickets to Beauty and the Beast! (I know, I know, have we been living under a rock?! How have we not seen this yet?!) But I’m so excited!! 🙂 And to top it all off, I’ve been planning my next vacay…ahhh!! I can’t wait!! (Details coming soon!) 🙂

As for my bikini drawers, I really, honestly, actually DO fold them and put them in ROY-G-BIV order. (That’s what working at Victoria’s Secret forever ago does to a girl! 😉 )

See you guys soon!! XOXO Chani Natasha 🙂


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