JORD Wood Watches

I am absolutely crazy about my new JORD wood watch!! 🙂 When it came in the mail in that classy-pants wood box, I was fan-girling like crazy!! 😉 They custom made it for my wrist so it fit perfectly right away!! Soooo nice!! 🙂 It also came with preserving finishing oil for the wood band (What?! Am I a princess or something? JORD thinks so!! 😉 ) I have been wearing it like everyday since! It goes with everything and makes me feel very Posh Spice!! 😉 It’s classy enough to dress up (Why yes, Mr. Interviewer, can’t you tell by my incredibly stylish wrist candy that I would be perfect for the job? Haha 😉 ) and chill enough to dress down like I have here. You guys know I love color, so this is a perfect piece for me!! Also, if every season could allow for bright pink blossoming trees, that would be a-okay with me!! I’m so in love with everything about this time of year!! Bring it on, Mr. Sun, I’m ready for ya!! 🙂

These would be so perfect as gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, and of course a Selfie Gift! 😉 JORD is also holding a contest ending 04/30/17. You get a $25.00 gift card just for entering and a $100.00 gift card towards one of their incredible watches if you win! I’ve rounded up all the links for you guys!! So check them out and let me know what you think!! I always love to hear from you!! 🙂

My Watch / Contest / Women’s Watches / Men’s Watches / JORD Homepage

chaninatasha JORD 1chaninatasha JORD 3chaninatasha JORD 5chaninatasha JORD 6chaninatasha JORD 7chaninatasha JORDchaninatasha JORD 2chaninatasha JORD 4


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