Salt Flats

I got to go visit the gorgeous, white Salt Flats in Utah! It was absolutely awesome!! 🙂 I kept licking my lips the whole time because they tasted like ocean, and it was just blowing my mind! 🙂 There’s a thick layer of sandy, compressed salt on top of this grey mud stuff, so you sink a little bit with every step–not to mention the exfoliation haha!! It’s seriously the coolest thing! 🙂 I’m the type of person that never needs to be forced to smile–I do it automatically haha–but I was seriously laughing my head off playing all over this place! 🙂

I definitely want to go back and take four-wheelers and dirt bikes and have races!! 🙂 🙂 Make sure you bring lots of water if you ever visit because all that salt will make you crave it! 🙂

Pink top: Hollister / Skirt: Etsy / Dress: Bella Ella Boutique

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