Couple a’ Players

Rustin and I are total sports! We love to play everything together–football, basketball, spike ball, and even all of those funny games they play on Jimmy Fallon. 😉 Sometimes we play so hard that we are sweating, cracking up, and racking up zillions of steps on our Fitbits. 🙂 One time when we were playing basketball, I was blocking him from doing a layup and came down hard on my ankle. It hurt so bad!! Rustin picked me right up and carried me off the court. He rubbed and iced my ankle for days! He’s such a sweetie. I’m so pampered! 🙂 🙂 But really, this March Madness is pumping us up to get outside and play some more! 🙂

valentines and football 331 PSvalentines and football 250valentines and football 265valentines and football 287valentines and football 306valentines and football 299

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